The Davines group begins its journey in Parma in 1983, with the Bollati family’s idea of establishing a laboratory for the production of high end hair products.

After a decade of research and improvement the company decides to focus on its own brands by launching from scratch Davines and [comfort zone] brands, the first one dedicated to the professional hairdressing, the other one to the skin care spas and treatments market.

Since the beginning the approach in formulation has always been organic and sustainable based.

Today the Davines group is present in 95 countries and employs a multicultural team spanning 34 different nationalities and in 2016 had become a member of the group of so-called B Corps, whose purpose, in addition to profit, is maximizing their positive impact by providing innovative solutions to environmental and social issues whilst respecting the highest standards of performance, transparency and accountability.

Besides the Parma new Davines Village, we have branches in New York, Paris, London, Mexico, the Netherlands and Hong Kong.

Davines Group is now a recognized leader in the formulation and manufacturing of high end skin and hair care products.

Davines style is a reflection of curiosity and openness to the world and of the Italian heritage of history, art, design and good taste.

Our in-house production team has consistently developed scientifically proven and highly innovative organic products that, when combined with an innate sense of art and design, nurture both body and mind.

Promoting and transforming an holistic, healthy and sustainable lifestyle concept into a beautiful reality is our mission. Creating beauty from the inside out is our passion.


To be the best for the world, creators of good life for all, through beauty, ethics and sustainability.

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